Code of Conduct

For the consideration of everyone in the Robson Arms Online community, all participants need to agree to follow the Robson Arms Online Code of Conduct before their registration is complete. Online Activities and Usage of Robson Arms Online encourages all registered users to have fun and explore our online world. However, while we expect all users to use common sense and to treat others with respect, there are certain activities and materials that will not be permitted:

Unacceptable Materials

Registered users of Robson Arms Online will not display, upload, post, or distribute any communication that may be considered offensive or illegal or inappropriate:

Such materials include text, graphics, or multimedia files that:

  • Are racially, culturally, or sexually offensive.
  • Promote or facilitate illegal activity, or encourage participation in any illegal act such as drug use or violence.
  • Contain inappropriate language that is abusive or obscene.
  • Are intellectual property (e.g. copyright or trademarked material) and the consent of the intellectual property owner has not been obtained.
  • Are of a pornographic nature
  • Communicate messages of sexual harassment .
  • Threaten any person, or advocate violence, hatred, or discrimination toward individuals or groups of people.
  • Contain the personal information of another person without their informed consent.
  • Perpetuate "spamming" in the form of bulk email, junk email, chain email, or other email annoyances.
  • Misrepresent or hide one's identity as the source of information or communication.

Unacceptable Activities

Registered users who use Robson Arms Online may not:

  • Tamper with the Robson Arms Online network by subverting security measures or in any way change or disrupt the functionality of the website and its components. Hacking is a serious offence that is punishable by law.
  • Prevent any other user from accessing the Robson Arms Online system, either by changing password or any other means.
  • Access any other person's account.
  • Tamper with any other person's files, settings, or personal pages.
  • Misrepresent the ideas, writing, images, multimedia, or any other work of others as being a creation of one's own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated at Robson Arms Online, and copyright laws are in place to protect the ownership of such work.

  • Knowingly upload or circulate computer viruses.
  • Fail to abide by the Terms of Use


Failure to comply with the Robson Arms Online Code of Conduct could result in:

  • Suspension from the Robson Arms Online system
  • Removal from Robson Arms Online
  • Legal action, in extreme cases (hate postings, child porn, etc.)

Community Moderation

The Robson Arms Online website is moderated by the staff of Robson Arms III Productions Ltd.

In addition to the website staff, all registered users of Robson Arms Online, are encouraged to participate in "community moderation". This means that you are given the power to tell us what you think is inappropriate website behaviour for other registered users of Robson Arms Online.

In such cases, please send us an email at

Personal Safety

Even though most of the people you'll meet while you're immersed in the Robson Arms Online world are good people like yourself, there's always a chance that someone using the system may have dangerous or inappropriate intentions. Remember, people you communicate with on the Internet may be very different people in person. There are a few basic rules you can follow protect yourself:

Personal Information

Never communicate your personal information to people you don't know. Your private information is just that - private. Never reveal this information through email, uploading it to any pages on the Robson Arms Online website, or posting it to a public discussion forum.

Your personal information includes:

  • Your full name.
  • Your home address.
  • Your personal email address.
  • Your telephone number.
  • Your passwords or secret access codes.
  • Other people also have a right to their own privacy. Never reveal personal information about anyone else to strangers online.

As a general rule, never post personal information unless you know who's reading it. Sending an email to a friend, where only this friend can read it, is very different from posting information on Robson Arms Online web pages, where every user can see it.