Behind the Scenes - Vasco's Pizza

For episode 201, "Ordinary Assholes," we needed a photograph of Caldo Vasco (Leslie Nielsen) from his days as the owner of a pizzeria. Leslie Nielsen provided a circa 1960's head shot and we took it from there.

First, we purchased a retro hockey jersey, and then we had to track down someone who could sew the letters on. We created a logo, printed it on clear vinyl, and stuck it on a plain pizza box. We improvised another photo shoot in the kitchen of the production office with our Ikea halogen castoffs.

We glued Leslie's head onto Dave-of-props (Dave Righton's) body and slapped this character hybrid onto a white curtain background that we found online. For the final touches, we aged the photo with tea and put a crease on it so that it looked like it has been sitting around an apartment for three decades.