Behind the Scenes - Cigarette Packages

Health Canada refused our request to use their warning labels, so we set out to create our own helpful health messages.

These five pieces were used as set dressing in Pendrell Market, pinned up subtly behind the cash register. We didn't want a prominent cigarette display because we don't like to promote bad stuff like that. And we must also confess that re-cellophaning cigarette packages is very hard to do.

The brand name for Hillsboroughs was coined by David Moses, the show's Executive Story Editor, who hails from PEI, with Hillsborough being an area in PEI where tobacco has traditionally been grown. The cigarettes are the cancer stick of choice for Sault Ste. Marie (Alisen Down).

The poo eaters featured on the Hillsborough package are our Production Designer Grant Pearse (left) and Props Master Tyler Smith (right).