#201- Yuri Kukoc

JOHN CASSINI (Intelligence, Final Days on Planet Earth) plays Yuri Kukoc (39), a man you wouldn't want your daughter to meet, let alone marry. He's handsome yet sleazy, charming yet intolerant. As the building super, Yuri makes the most of his limited powers. He'll fix your fridge - when he feels like it. Yet there are the odd redeeming qualities in the man - he has a soft spot for his hamster, Furry, Jr. and has to keep on eye on his troubled brother, Val. But other than that, even the earthquake didn't shake Yuri up too much-maybe a new, and much younger, boss will.

#116- Caldo Vasco

LESLIE NIELSEN (Scary Movie 4, Naked Gun) plays Caldo Vasco (72), a man whose every dream seems to turn to crap. He played in the NHL for almost an entire game, but got busted back to the minors. He had a pizzeria; it went under. And now he finds himself trapped in a wheelchair. He has every reason to be a bitter old fart, but the truth is, he's always been this way - and he's created all his misery himself. The bright side is that Robson Arms might be the only place where he can find an unlikely brother-in-arms and a last chance at romance.

#203- Bobbi Briggs

GABRIELLE MILLER (Corner Gas, One Dead Indian) plays Bobbi Briggs (26), who's had to take a break from her Jazzercise career as she grows ever more pregnant. She spends the bulk of her days at home, alone and lonely, preparing for the arrival of the baby. There's no one in the building she connects with - even her own son Robbie once he arrives. The truth is, her life is unravelling and so is her marriage. But it's easier to ignore the truth than face it - until a dreamy night with a stranger leads her to toss everything out that once seemed so dear.

#203- Bobby Briggs

TOBIAS MEHLER (Young Blades, Captive Hearts) plays Bobby Briggs (26), who is a not-super-bright half of the "Bobbies," originally from Regina. Bobby excels in his sales position at Trinity, the West's largest supplier of religious-themed accessories. But with a new baby on the way - and with residual anger about Bobbi's one-night stand with Yuri last year - Bobby starts putting in extra hours in at the office, along with a flirtatious female colleague.

#218- Sault Ste. Marie

ALISEN DOWN (The Life, Mysterious Ways) plays Sault Ste. Marie (33) an unapologetic chain-smoker who still hates Vancouver but is determined to fit in -even if that means stalking her way into friendships. She prides herself on telling it like it is-- another way of saying she's rude and abrasive -- but that doesn't fly in the touchy-feely West Coast workplace. Her thick shell hides her numerous insecurities, including her alopecia, which is carefully hidden by a hairpiece. But Sault will discover there are those willing to see that beauty is more than scalp deep - and that maybe, just maybe, she can find happiness on her own terms on the Left Coast.

#202- Nick Papathanasiou

FRED EWANUICK (Corner Gas, Just Friends) plays Nick Papathanasiou (29). Unlike his roommate Hal, Nick has terrible luck with the ladies, like when "just-for-sex-girl" Sault Ste. Marie decides stalking is an acceptable form of courtship. Despite their differences, Nick and Hal have a genuine friendship - but now it's put to the test when Nick, tired of Hal's lazy ways and trying to make something of his own life, finds a new best friend.

#202- Hal Garcia

ZAK SANTIAGO (Young Blades, Intelligence) plays Hal Garcia (29) who has always coasted through life on his good looks, charm, and plentiful supply of groceries "borrowed" from his roommate Nick. He and Nick have a small grow-op in the closet, which should cover their rent, but Hal's negligence burns out that plan. Speaking of burn-outs, when Nick has a mid-mid-life crisis, it awakens Hal's own sense of "dude, where's my life?".

#205- Wayne Ross

PETER DELUISE (21 Jump Street, Stargate SG-1) plays Wayne Ross (46), a pathological liar who isn't sure what's true anymore. Wayne is first to offer up an outrageous tale of his travels abroad and last to realize everyone else knows he's full of it. When faced with ruining someone else's life with his flood of lies, though, Wayne finally manages to tell the truth - even though it hurts.

#108- Carol Goldstein

LINDA KASH (Cinderella Man, Best in Show) plays Carol Goldstein (45), recently divorced and loving it. Having escaped 25 years of petty disagreements and uninspired lovemaking, she is now happily exploring life as a single woman. Trouble is, she has a neighbour who won't leave her alone and a teenage daughter who deeply resents her mother's disappearing act and isn't about to let her forget it any time soon.

#108- Georgia

TEGAN MOSS (Alice, I Think; Godiva's) plays Carol's daughter, Georgia (16) who arrives at Robson Arms one dark and stormy night and immediately puts a cramp in her mother's wilder ways. Georgia touches the lives of many people in the building; unfortunately it usually involves playing practical jokes, masterminding pranks, and generally wreaking havoc.

#216- Geoff McAlister

DAVID RICHMOND-PECK (Into the West, The L Word) plays Geoff McAlister (30), a practical, outgoing, good-humoured guy who adores his curmudgeonly live-in boyfriend but is starting to feel like a kept man. And after his recent brush with cancer, he realizes he has to grab life by the balls. After years of being the confidante of everyone else, maybe it's time to have some secrets of his own.

#216- Stanley Wasserman

KEVIN MCNULTY (Fantastic Four, Supernatural) plays Stanley Wasserman (54). His cushy career as an engineer affords him a life he loves - an apartment filled with fine things, single-malt scotch and double-smoked bacon. It also means he can finance his boyfriend's dreams. Which isn't to say he doesn't have doubts in the middle of the night - after all, he's 24 years older than Geoff - and will Geoff still find him attractive when there's fresh meat in the building?

#208- Fred Fochs

HAIG SUTHERLAND (Alice, I Think; Slither) plays Fred Fochs (33) a cyber-geek and lonely guy who wants love and companionship but has absolutely no idea how to get it. A gruesome discovery leaves Fred worried about a lonesome fate. He tries his hand at speed dating as well as doggedly pursuing a friendship with a newcomer to the building. His social IQ is borderline though and he manages to fail at both. But, happily, Fred's soul-mate isn't so far away - he's just been knocking on the wrong neighbour's door.

#210- Andrew Colton

GABRIEL HOGAN (Canada Russia 72, The Associates) plays Andrew Colton (28), blond and gorgeous. All he's ever dreamed of is having a family. He's already got the lovely wife, Chris, and now it's time to start on the kids. When one of his new neighbours puts the moves on him, Andrew decides to kick the plan into high gear despite some internal conflict. When he finally shares his feelings with his beloved wife Chris, it's more broken hearts than family ties.

#210- Chris Colton

LAURA BERTRAM (Andromeda, Ready or Not) plays Chris Colton (24) Andrew's smart, capable, and sweet-tempered wife. And it's a part she plays well - she still can't believe a guy like Andrew has chosen a girl like her. But Chris's self-confidence begins to erode when Andrew's enthusiasm about fatherhood leaves her feeling like nothing more than a baby machine. As Chris tries to get to the root of the problem, she finds her dream marriage turning into a nightmare.

#211- Alicia Plecas

JANE MCGREGOR (Flower & Garnet, American Venus) plays Alicia Plecas (21) who considers herself an 'internal optimist'. Alicia's confidence has grown a lot since she moved to Vancouver and into Robson Arms-she has a job in a hair salon and can stand up to the men in her world. But when a dear friend departs from her life, it crushes her. Fortunately there is someone nearby to offer comfort and more.

#100- Mrs. Antonia (Toni) Mastroianni-Tan

GABRIELLE ROSE (Milgaard, The Sweet Hereafter) plays Mrs. Antonia (Toni) Mastroianni-Tan (48) who runs the family store and always seems to be there - 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Lately, Toni's been feeling old, unattractive, and underappreciated. Going through menopause is no cakewalk either. But eventually she discovers that when push comes to shove, age and experience can trump youth and beauty any day.

#100- Bao Tan

COLIN FOO (The Unprofessionals, Saving Silverman) plays Mr. Bao Tan (55) a quiet, unassuming man who finally gets to realise his dream of playing the tuba in a band-albeit on a cruise ship, far away from his lonely wife.

#100- Grandma Tan

HELENA YEA(Cold Squad, Happy Gilmore) plays Grandma Tan (75) who is a leathery force of nature. She confines her cutting commentary to Chinese so the tenants think she's just a sweet old bird, even though her English has improved a lot in six months. But the language of love is universal - which she proves when she sparks up a romance with another senior in the building.

#100- Ruby Tan

JUSTINE WONG (Dead Like Me) plays Ruby Tan (13). The youngest Tan used to be a tender thorn in her mother's side, but now that she's a teenager and since her brother Ricky's jumped ship, she's becoming the whole rosebush.


JANN ARDEN (Juno Award Winner) plays Venus, an angry woman posing as a passionate new age type.

Jim Caruk

JIM CARUK (Real Renos) plays himself, a capable contractor unprepared for Yuri's twisted work ethic.


MICHAEL ECKFORD and FIONA FORBES (Urban Rush) play the lucky Pedestrians who walk by Robson Arms just in time to find Hal weeding out his bad habits.


JOE FLAHERTY (SCTV) plays Hal's father Ramon - a train conductor who's no longer willing to give Hal a free ride.

Colin James Liar

COLIN JAMES (Juno Award Winner) plays the Colin James Liar, a mediocre musician who capitalizes on his uncanny resemblance to Colin James to lure woman into bed.

Spice Lucks

SPICE LUCKS (Remax Realty) plays herself, a beautiful realtor ready to make a sale.

Perry Sound

CHRIS WILLIAM MARTIN (Tom Stone) plays the verbally venomous Perry Sound, a male mirror of Sault Ste. Marie.


PATRICK MCKENNA (The Red Green Show) plays Jason, the new age and anxiety-provoking HR guru at Sault's workplace.


A.J. MCKENZIE (Stand-Up Comedian) plays Elvis, Robson Arm's new property manager and a brace-faced thorn in Yuri's side.


KELLY-RUTH MERCIER (Cold Squad) plays Dawn, Wayne's almost ex-wife and the one woman that he really wants to be true to.


SHERRY MILLER (Queer as Folk) plays Dianne, Chris Colton's mother and a wound-tight West Vancouver matriarch who can't couch her jaundiced views on life, love, or the neighbourhood.


BILL MONDY (The Dead Zone) plays Valentino, Yuri's firecracker-dealing, alcoholic brother, and an unwelcome reminder of Yuri's difficult past.


TERRY DAVID MULLIGAN (Saved) plays Stu, the building's unhappy and unethical owner.

Brent the Shopping Cart Guy

MICHAEL ROBERDS (DaVinci's City Hall) plays Brent the Shopping Cart Guy, a homeless neighbour who may just as easily appear at the dumpster or at the dinner table.


NANCY ROBERTSON (Corner Gas) plays Cindy, Sault's overly-enthusiastic but sympathetic boss.

The Moderator

SVEND ROBINSON (Former NDP MP) plays the perceptive Moderator of a Liars Anonymous group.


SEBASTIAN SPENCE (First Wave) plays Rob, a refrigerator repairman who offers an oddly empathetic ear to a distressed Bobbi.


TAMARA TAGGART (Love it or Lose it) plays the bitter hasty-date hopeful Hannah.


APRIL AMBER TELEK (The Immortal) plays Sasha, Bobby's co-worker at Trinity Church Supplies who's always primed for some secular pleasures.


ELIZABETH THAI (DaVinci's Inquest) plays Kitty, Bao's young, beautiful and manipulative third cousin.

The Troubadours

TOM SAUNDERS and JASON DEDRICK are the Troubadours, the Greek chorus of the show.