"Ordinary Assholes"

Written by: Jesse McKeown     Directed by: James Genn

Rumour has it that a drunk driver put Caldo Vasco (72) in a wheelchair. When he returns home from the hospital, the female tenants of Robson Arms bend over backwards - and forwards - to help him. Caldo returns their kindness by ogling, goosing, and copping feels. Yuri's the only person who can see through Caldo's façade. He balks at orders to build a ramp for Caldo - as his slipshod attempts at post-earthquake repairs are more than enough to keep him occupied. And when an eavesdropping Yuri learns Caldo's dirty little secret, Yuri uses the information to torment Caldo. The tenants are disgusted with Yuri – what's new? – and remain solicitous with Caldo, until, oops, Yuri reveals that a drunken Caldo caused his own misfortune and killed a purebred Shitzu in the process. Meanwhile the building's owner, anxious to dump the up-for-sale albatross, seizes the opportunity to garner goodwill for the building and commandeers a TV crew to document Caldo's inaugural descent down the ramp. But an embittered Caldo refuses to perform on demand and Yuri is pressured into taking matters into his own hands - with disastrous results. Despite Yuri's asshole-like behaviour - or is it because of it? - Caldo's contempt grows into a begrudging respect.

Robin Nielsen, who appears as the Driver in this episode, is the Great Nephew of Leslie Nielsen. Robin's Grandfather was Leslie's brother. Robin is a Vancouver actor who has always dreamed of sharing the screen with his Great Uncle, and did so here for the first time.

Leslie Nielsen had the cast and crew in stitches on set while he carried his fart machine around with him in between takes.

CTV Vancouver's Heron Hanuman plays himself, a reporter with a story to tell.