"Mean Girls"

Written by: Susin Nielsen     Directed by: James Dunnison

When Bobbi joins SWUT (Single Women United Together) it feels like she's been transported back to the glory days of high school. Popularity contests, backbiting, cruel practical jokes: all the good stuff. Until her husband-stealing nemesis Sasha shows up to threaten her prom queen status.

Actor Character
Gabrielle Miller Bobbi Briggs
April Amber Telek Sasha
Gavin Crawford Phil
Jane McGregor Alicia Plecas
Zak Santiago Hal Garcia
Helena Yea Grandma Tan
Juno Ruddell Norah
Kathleen Duborg Penny
Karin Konoval Marg
Harpreet Singh Punjabi Man
Tyler & Hunter Bartel Baby Robbie
Tom Saunders & Jason Dedrick The Troubadours

When famed "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" cast member Gavin Crawford showed up on set in drag as the cross dressing Phil, he was the subject of a considerable amount of good-natured ribbing on the subject of his svelte feminine appearance. "It happens every time I wear a skirt," Crawford grinned, "All the women say they are jealous of my shapely legs."

In an ironic twist on art imitating life, guest star April Amber Telek who wrests the home coming queen title from Bobbi in a dream sequence, was a real life beautyqueen as Miss Canada 1994.

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