"My Brother's Keeper"

Written by: Jennifer Daley and Susin Nielsen     Directed by: David Storey

Yuri's brother Val is under house arrest - in Yuri's house. Unwelcome Val is full of brotherly advice for Yuri, who isn't interested in hearing it. Instead, he puts Val to work to get him out of his hair. This turns out to be a big mistake when Val gets drunk and blurts out a secret…a secret that could profoundly affect Yuri's life.

Actor Character
John Cassini Yuri Kukoc
Bill Mondy Val Kukoc
Alisen Down Sault St. Marie
Kevin McNulty Stanley Wasserman
David Richmond-Peck Geoff McAlister
Gabrielle Miller Bobbi Briggs
Gabrielle Rose Toni Mastroianni-Tan
Helena Yea Grandma Tan
Colin Foo Bao Tan
Allison Hossack Trixie Hoskins
Linda Kash Carol Goldstein
Denis Simpson Minister
Tyler & Hunter Bartel Baby Bobby
Jason Benson Police Officer #1
Tom Saunders &smp; Jason Dedrick    Troubadours

This episode also includes Geoff and Stanley's long-awaited wedding, which is nearly destroyed by the brawling Kukoc brothers. Among the wedding guests are a lesbian couple, played with great panache by Susinn McFarlen, the actress wife of Kevin McNulty, and David Richmond Peck's fiancée Kelly-Ruth Mercier, also an actress. "We've been planning this for the last 3 years," says Mercier "we figured that the guys would get hitched eventually and we definitely wanted to be there." In another real life twist, the episode's co-writer, story editor Jennifer Daley also appears as a wedding guest with her wife Melissa.

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