"No Sex in the City"

Written by: Susin Nielsen and David Moses     Directed by: Gary Harvey

Sault has landed a magazine column that looks at city living for the single gal. Life is great, until Sault's too-perfect sister Alex shows up with a plan that makes her feel like the family screw up. Sault is forced to decide between Toronto and Vancouver.

Actor Character
Alisen Down Sault Ste. Marie
Ingrid Torrance Alex
David Richmond-Peck Geoff McAlister
Kevin McNulty Stanley Wasserman
Dave Foley Chuck Hoskins
Gabrielle Rose Toni Mastroianni-Tan
Linda Kash Carol Goldstein
Zak Santiago Hal Garcia
Colin Foo Bao Tan
Veena Sood Charlotte
Simone Bailly Gennifer
Geoff Gustafson Cuddles
Tom Saunders & Jason Dedrick Troubadours

Everybody had way too much fun filming the Furry Club scenes. In fact quite a few of the crew members and some of the cast said they had no idea that the scene, which features people who have a fetish for wearing animal costumes, was based on reality.

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