"Wrong and Wronger"

Written by: Elizabeth Stewart     Directed by: Tony Dean Smith

Everyone loves Carol's new beau Matt. Too bad she's falling for Jason, the wrong guy who insults all her friends. Now she has to choose between everyone's Mr. Perfect and her own guilty pleasure.

Actor Character
Linda Kash Carol Goldstein
Patrick McKenna Jason Rogerman
Kevin McNulty Stanley Wasserman
David Richmond-Peck Geoff McAlister
Gabrielle Rose Toni Mastroianni-Tan
Colin Foo Bao Tan
Allison Hossack Trixie Hoskins
Haig Sutherland Fred Fochs
Tegan Moss Georgia
Helena Yea Grandma Tan
Ted Whittall Matt
Tom Saunders & Jason Dedrick The Troubadors

The "Red Green Show's" infamously hilarious Patrick McKenna was true to form in his Robson Arms role as the would-be boyfriend to Linda Kash, who admitted she had a really hard time keeping a straight face when acting opposite the irrepressible jokester.

Seen in the background of Chuck and Trixie's apartment is a bulletin board that shows an architect's rendition of what the condos proposed by the new owners might look like. Production Designer Grant Pearse and his team took inspiration from a sampling of 3 new Vancouver condo developments and created a composite drawing to reflect the concept, showing the old façade with a startlingly modern new condo building rising above it.

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