"Prince of Nigeria"

Written by: Jesse McKeown     Directed by: Kevin Fair

Hal and Nick have steady jobs and think their lives are finally on track. Until Hal's father Ramon crashes at their pad and causes Hal and Nick to reconsider their options. One of them makes a drastic life change to avoid Ramon's fate.

Actor Character
Zak Santiago Hal Garcia
Fred Ewanuick Nick Papathanasiou
Joe Flaherty Ramon Garcia
Haig Sutherland Fred Fochs
Jane McGregor Alicia Plecas
Gabrielle Rose Toni Mastroianni-Tan
Justine Wong Ruby Tan
Bill Dow Callahan
Don Thompson Dennis
Ben Wilkinson Randall
Agam Darshi Sara
Tom Saunders & Jason Dedrick The Troubadours

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