"Il Pagliacci"

Written by: Susin Nielsen     Directed by: James Genn

Geoff and Stanley have a surprise houseguest - Stanley's ex-wife Frances. Their walk down memory lane leads to a bizarre love triangle of operatic proportions. It could be the last bump on a rocky road as Geoff questions who Stanley's soul mate really is.

Actor Character
Kevin McNulty Stanley Wasserman
David Richmond-Peck Geoff McAlister
Lynda Boyd Frances
Alisen Down Sault Ste. Marie
Dave Foley Chuck Hoskins
Haig Sutherland Fred Fochs
Helena Yea Grandma Tan
Justine Wong Ruby Tan
Tom Saunders & Jason Dedrick   The Troubadours

Playing part of a gay couple on Robson Arms has not been without some unexpected effects. Kevin McNulty says that there were some longtime stalwart fans in his hometown who often contacted family members for mementos of McNulty's latest screen performances. However, when one avid fan finally got a look at the much-admired actor in his new role as Stanley, he was apparently so shocked that he immediately stopped all contact and was never heard from again.

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